Thursday, July 26, 2012

Expecting a Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Dillon has had a loose tooth for the last few weeks but tonight it fell out.  Yesterday he had a dentist appointment and the dentist said that based on the x-rays it will probably take two weeks for him to lose it.  

Tonight he had the bottom of his shirt in his mouth exposing his stomach while standing next to Brenna.  She pretended to lunge at him to tickle his belly.  Dillon took a step back and yanked his shirt down quickly, snagging it on his loose tooth.  He glanced down at the tooth on the ground and then looked up at me with a scared expression on his face, unsure of what just happened.

Christina got him a rag for the small amount of blood coming out of the hole.  Connor and Brenna followed Dillon around, wanting to take turns looking at the tooth.  A few minutes later as he was being tucked in to bed there was the following conversation:

Christina: What do you think the tooth fairy will bring you?
Dillon: A present.
Christina: Yes, and the present will be money.
Dillon: (Flashed his smile, now with a one less tooth.)

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Anonymous said...

Way to Go Dillon!! I hope the Fairy brings you a lot of moola!!